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Meet…Derek Benson


Mr. Benson is one creative dad.

Mr. Benson is one creative dad.

Guess What? Whether you like it or not, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!! But this dad will make kids WANT, I repeat WANT to go to school and show off the most creative lunch bags in town. His kids get a new bag each day. Benson’s  images have been featured in Parents Magazine… and he’s doing it simply with a  good ol’ brown paper bag. Equipped Sharpie markers and a creative mind, this dad most definietly has “Uncapped What’s Inside.”

Q: Tell me a little about your business. 

Besnson: My day job, I make art for video games.   


Sesame Street Fans!

Sesame Street Fans!

Q: How did you come up with the idea?

Benson: I was setting the kids’ lunches up, I wrote their names on the bags…then things just got fancier and weirder.

Q: Which bag has been your kid’s favorite? What’s yours? 

Benson: So far the kids like “Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When They Roar.”   I like that one okay, too.

Q: Why are Sharpie products a good fit for this? futurama

Benson:  I would love to give you a good reason, but it simply never occurred to me to use anything else.  Sharpies have been a basic art supply for me since I was a kid.  “Awesomeness” is the reason.

Q:What specific Sharpie tools do you use?

Benson: Markers, pens, etc.  I use the black markers, and also the oil-based paint pens.

scooby doo

Scooby Doo fans!

Q: So you make these bags during your lunch break? When do you eat lunch? Multi-tasker eh?   

Benson: I make them during my lunch break, I make them at home while helping the kids with homework.  When I make them at home, I tend to get a lot of help.  My kids can’t resist art supplies.

Q: What do your kids do with the bags once they have eaten lunch? (Save them I hope )

Benson:  Sometimes they bring them back, sometimes they toss them out. yodaOur preschool teacher saves them, too.




Q: What was your reaction after learning that you would be apart of the “Sharpie Squad?”  

Benson:  I wanted a uniform, frankly.  With a cool hat that looks like a giant Sharpie marker.

 Q: Is there anything you haven’t drawn on a bag that you are just itching to draw? pokemon

Benson: Ha!  There are things I’d get in trouble for drawing and sending to school.  I try to keep it kid-friendly, unless a grownup relative has a request.  Sometimes people want images of classical art, which usually means naked people.  There are movie monsters I’d like to do, but they’re just too scary.  But other than that I don’t have a lot of filters, and grown-up stuff is never as fun to draw as kid stuff. 

See More Lunchbags!  http://lunchbagart.tumblr.com/

Contact:  Lunchbagart@gmail.com


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Meet… Cheeming Boey

Boey talks about his artwork in his Newport Beach apartment. Boey talks about his artwork in his Newport Beach apartment.

” The styrofoam cup itself represents the pop culture we live in, and in some ways, is the epitome of 21st century technology.”

It’s a product we see every day. The styrofoam cup.  Parties, barbecues and picnics are all places we use them and then we just…throw them away. But not 31-year-old artist and animator, Cheeming Boey of Newport Beach, California; he creates art. Armed with a black Sharpie ball-point pen, Boey draws images on cups that include intricate waves, birds and scenes of his life from Malaysia to Orange County.

Q: Tell me a little about your business.
Boey: I draw on styrofoam coffee cups.

 Q: How are Sharpie markers incorporated?

 Boey: They are primarily what I use to draw on my cups now. I only use one fine point sharpie for all my line works. I know there’re several sizes, but part of the challenge I want to tackle is achieving different strokes with one pen.

 Q: What benefit do you think this offers and to who?

 Boey: People tend to think that drawings and paintings are always on canvases or paper. I would like others to see that anything can be used as a canvas. You must have tried drawing with fries using ketchup, right? Why can’t that be serious art? It’s not what you draw on all the time; it’s the idea on it, or behind it. If the KFC recipe was sold on a napkin for a million bucks, I don’t think people are gonna say, “Nah, I don’t want it…it’s on a napkin.”

Equipped with his Sharpie marker.

Equipped with his Sharpie marker.


 The styrofoam cup itself represents the pop culture we live in, and in some ways, is the epitome of 21st century technology. Yet it is often overlooked, and when it ever brings attention, it stands for everything negative.

I believe there’s beauty in everything, including what we consider imperfect. I embrace the fact that it isn’t perfect. Sort of like the Wabi-Sabi movement in Japan.

 The fact that it is “cheap” and “disposable” makes it an unlikely subject for anything “special”. But it is that reason that I decided to draw on them. It also keeps one cup off the streets, if people are worried about Styrofoam waste.

 Q: Why are Sharpie markers a good fit for this? 

 Boey: Like how anything can be a canvas, I believe anything could be a tool as well.People are always surprised when I tell them I drew with a sharpie. A lot of them think it is liquid acrylics, or other fancy pens. “No, it’s with a sharpie.”The sharpie has a nice tip and it has a good consistent ink flow. It is also cheap. And cheap doesn’t mean bad.

 Q:  Tell us about some of your favorite designs.  Why do they resonate with you?

His "mistake" cups are the ones he drinks out of

His "mistake" cups are the ones he drinks out of

 Boey: I like the ones that are more personal, like a dining experience with a friend over sake and stories. I also like waves; hence a lot of my cups have a spaghetti-like, wave motif to it. One of my favorite Japanese artists who has influenced me heavily is Hokusai, and I think a lot about how he draws his waves when I draw mine.

 Q: What is the longest amount of time you have spent on one cup?

Boey: 3 months. I don’t do initial drafts on the cups, so what you see is on the final product is the first pass. It takes forever to work on an elaborate piece because my next line could completely ruin the composition. Or I get nervous about drawing certain shapes. Or poses.

So sometimes I take hours to figure out the composition in my head, sometimes I don’t come back to it for months.

 I have to also make sure the foam cups are absolutely lint/ hair free. They charge up easily and tiny hairs or lint can stick to it. And when the fine point on the sharpie catches one of these hairs, a thin line can suddenly become a broad stroke. Terrible.

His cups sell for hundreds.

His cups sell for hundreds

Q:Do you think you’ll expand the idea to other items?

Boey: Sure. Anything is possible right?

Q: Anything else you’d like to add that I didn’t ask?

 Boey:I could use some free sharpies. I go thru about 1 every 2 days.

Here is a video of how he works…

And the cup…

finished cup 

View more of Cheeming Boey’s art  http://rectangletriangle.googlepages.com/


Contact Boey:rectangletriangle@gmail.com


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Uncap What’s Inside You!



Sharpie doll

There are so many creative people out there. The other inkterns and I are getting kinda jealous actually. I have never seen, heard or thought of using sharpies in the ways these people have. Artists and Sharpie fans alike have decorated on dolls, furniture, guitars, coffee cups and sneakers. What’s next? I don’t know but the SharpieUncapped site brings them to you everyday.

"Lesuami" and her tall Sharpie chucks!

"Lesuami" and her tall Sharpie chucks!


The neat thing about it is that if you or any one you know draws, sketches or doodles with sharpie, you too can download your work for the world to see! Let us see how creative you are! No really! We want to see it!

I told myself at the beginning of this internship that I would take hold of a few sharpies and a pair of white sneakers and see what I came up with. I’m still gonna do it and I’ll show you the finished product!

Alissa Johnson uses Sharpie on her coffee table.

Alissa Johnson uses Sharpie on her coffee table.


Many of the indivuduals who upload their images have been featured on the OFFCIAL SHARPIE BLOG! Yep. Sure have. Talk about great exposure and free press (all in the name of Sharpie!)



Uncap What’s Inside !

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Sharpie Pen… We’re More than Markers!

Hey you. Yeah YOU! If you haven’t heard already, SHARPIE MAKES PENS! Where have you been? Just kidding. But seriously, these pens are taking the world by storm. The pens come in colors: black, blue, green and red. They can be used for anything! You can journal, doodle, take notes for class and the ink won’t bleed through paper.

Did you read that?




                         Click the pen for more details!

color splashYou can see commercials about the pen on TV now. I saw my first commercial about them and felt so proud to be interning at Sharpie. Twitterland is going crazy! People are so excited and have to get one. Some tweets I’ve seen include, “Just saw a sharpie pen commercial, I’m in love!” and “Sharpie makes pens?! I’m getting one now!”

What do I like about the pen? Two things. The smoothness of the writing and it’s cute. When I use the pen, it simply glides across my paper. Not only does it not bleed through, it is simple and the ink does not rub off on my hand. The pen is also cute. It’s sleek and refined. I’ve said goodbye to all those fat, bubbly, unfashionable pens. I know you might be thinking, “It’s just a pen!” But seriously, having a pen that may last as long as my Sharpie marker?! I gotta have it.

Here at Sharpie, new ideas are being “uncapped” everyday, literally. And with all of this excitement, it doesn’t seem like the ink is gonna run out on the Sharpie pen any time soon.

So, grab a pen and Uncap What’s Inside!!


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Highlighter Queen

SharpieSusan and the other Sharpie interns already know. ..I love highlighters. They’re not the most fashionable items on the block, but next to the pens, I use them the most. I highlight everything! I think it’s a habit, not necessarily a bad one, but my planners and notebooks look like rainbows at times from all the highlighters I use.

Click this highlighter to see all the ones you can choose from!

Accent Highlighter

Currently, Sharpie is promoting their Accent Highlighters and their “Smear Guard Protection.” No smears? I don’t know about you but I’m in! The protection comes with the many accent highlighters including “Accent Highlighter Mini”, “Accent Highlighter Liquid Pen” and “Accent Highlighter Retractable.”

In this busy world, we all need a way to organize our lives… I’ve already started! Check out these pictures of my DePaul Athletics planner. Obsessed, I know.

Just one of the many ways I stay organized

Just one of the many ways I stay organized


I really liked the pink accent highlighter this week huh?

I really liked the pink accent highlighter this week huh?

-Sharpie Steph

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Track and Sharpie?

If you read in the Sharpie411 section, you would have seen that I LOVE SPORTS!!! Track in particulary since I have been running since the seventh

Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix

grade. It has made me competitive, a leader and I think it builds my character because lord knows I have not won EVERY race (I wish!).

But you know what?

I’m kind of curious to see what athletes use Sharpies when they do autographs…. I’m on a hunt to find them! Some of my favorite athletes include Allyson Felix who I met freshman year at DePaul..




Felix and I freshman year at the 2005 Mt. Sac Relays in California

Felix and I freshman year at the 2005 Mt. Sac Relays in California

-Sharpie Steph


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What a Sharpie Can Do

I like sneakers. What I also like is being unique. On the SharpieUncapped site there are tons of unique individuals who have posted links and videos showing the creative designs they have put on shoes. This beats spending tons of $. Every chance I get I try to find a deal, plus at least I know that no one else has them!


-Sharpie Steph

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