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Uncap What’s Inside You!



Sharpie doll

There are so many creative people out there. The other inkterns and I are getting kinda jealous actually. I have never seen, heard or thought of using sharpies in the ways these people have. Artists and Sharpie fans alike have decorated on dolls, furniture, guitars, coffee cups and sneakers. What’s next? I don’t know but the SharpieUncapped site brings them to you everyday.

"Lesuami" and her tall Sharpie chucks!

"Lesuami" and her tall Sharpie chucks!


The neat thing about it is that if you or any one you know draws, sketches or doodles with sharpie, you too can download your work for the world to see! Let us see how creative you are! No really! We want to see it!

I told myself at the beginning of this internship that I would take hold of a few sharpies and a pair of white sneakers and see what I came up with. I’m still gonna do it and I’ll show you the finished product!

Alissa Johnson uses Sharpie on her coffee table.

Alissa Johnson uses Sharpie on her coffee table.


Many of the indivuduals who upload their images have been featured on the OFFCIAL SHARPIE BLOG! Yep. Sure have. Talk about great exposure and free press (all in the name of Sharpie!)



Uncap What’s Inside !


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