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Sharpie Pen… We’re More than Markers!

Hey you. Yeah YOU! If you haven’t heard already, SHARPIE MAKES PENS! Where have you been? Just kidding. But seriously, these pens are taking the world by storm. The pens come in colors: black, blue, green and red. They can be used for anything! You can journal, doodle, take notes for class and the ink won’t bleed through paper.

Did you read that?




                         Click the pen for more details!

color splashYou can see commercials about the pen on TV now. I saw my first commercial about them and felt so proud to be interning at Sharpie. Twitterland is going crazy! People are so excited and have to get one. Some tweets I’ve seen include, “Just saw a sharpie pen commercial, I’m in love!” and “Sharpie makes pens?! I’m getting one now!”

What do I like about the pen? Two things. The smoothness of the writing and it’s cute. When I use the pen, it simply glides across my paper. Not only does it not bleed through, it is simple and the ink does not rub off on my hand. The pen is also cute. It’s sleek and refined. I’ve said goodbye to all those fat, bubbly, unfashionable pens. I know you might be thinking, “It’s just a pen!” But seriously, having a pen that may last as long as my Sharpie marker?! I gotta have it.

Here at Sharpie, new ideas are being “uncapped” everyday, literally. And with all of this excitement, it doesn’t seem like the ink is gonna run out on the Sharpie pen any time soon.

So, grab a pen and Uncap What’s Inside!!



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INKtern Here!

Three peas in a pod

Three peas in a pod

Hey World!

Welcome to my blog! I’m one of three of Sharpie’s interns, also know as Ink-terns! I know right, cool name huh? Well lets see. This blog will be about?… hmmm… ME! and of course my experiences with Sharpie. So far, Sharpie is one of THE best places I have worked and already I have been immersed in its’ new “Sharpie Uncapped” campaign where people share stories, “How To” projects, art and other creative ways to use Sharpies. My posts and pics will hopefully give an insight on what it means to work for Sharpie. So far, I’ve never seen so many Sharpies in my life.


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