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Meet… Jennifer Hawkinberry

This 29-year-old gets creative with her avatar on the Sharpie Uncapped site.

This Knoxville, MD native gets creative with her avatar on the Sharpie Uncapped site.


“I loved the art classes in elementary school, and that’s when I realized with focus and determination I could create beautiful pieces everyone could enjoy.”

This creative 29-year-old draws images that… as she says, “pop.” With a bachleors degree in art history, and a Masters degree in the Humanities from Hood College, this avid reader and movie-watcher makes work that also shows her love for bright colors and animals. Hey, she does have three chihuahuas: Buttercup, Snowy, and Cookie.

Psychedlic Tiger

Psychedlic Tiger

Q: How long have you been drawing? 

 Hawkinberry: I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember.  I loved the art classes in elementary school, and that’s when I realized with focus and  determination I could create beautiful pieces everyone could enjoy.  I took commercial art classes in high school, and in my free time I used to draw huge cartoon characters from coloring books and brightly color them.  I believe my ability to depict objects realistically began with analyzing the lines that made up the characters in my books.

  Q: What inspires you to create the images you draw?    

Hawkinberry: I really want to make pieces that pop.  I love bright colors and patterns, and I love to use them to show movement and perspective.  It’s fun to apply this element to animals, butterflies, flowers, etc, to show realistically depicted subjects in a unique way.  

Q: Why are Sharpie products a good fit for this? 

Hawkinberry: Sharpie markers are great to use if you want vivid colors.  They’re easier to control than paints, and you can put light hues next to darker ones, i.e. yellow next to black, and they don’t bleed into one another.    

Q: What specific Sharpie tools do you use? Markers, pens, etc.Hawkinberry: I use the fine point sharpie pens for details like eyes or thin lines, but I use the regular markers for filling in large background areas.

 Q: How long did it take to create that peacock?

Hhmmm... is it mating Season?

Hhmmm... is it mating Season?

Hawkinberry: The peacock took about a week: a day to draw it, several days of sketches to figure out the right color combination, and several more to very slowly and neatly color the drawing, going back over all the colors twice to make them extra bright.

Q: What’s your favorite drawing you have made? Why?

Hawkinberry: I really love the Psychedelic Tiger drawing.  It completely captures the image I had in my mind of a stalking tiger ready to leap out of the picture. 

Q: If you were a Sharpie product, which would you be and why?

Hawkinberry: Hmmm….I’d be a fine point Sharpie—in yellow.  Yellow is my favorite color, so I could spread brightness everywhere.

Under the sea...

Under the sea...



Q: Anything else you’d like to share that I didn’t ask?

  Hawkinberry: I’m always up for ideas for new images to create, new color combinations.  Feel free to send me suggestions or anything you think would make a nice Sharpie creation.  

 Want to see more?:   http://showcase.sharpieuncapped.com/users/showprofile/253598

Contact Jennifer:  jhawkin301@aol.com


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