SharpieSteph 411

Isn't she cute?

Isn't she cute?

Who is this “SharpieSteph” girl you ask? Read on…

Hello World!

My name is Stephanie Williams a.k.a “SharpieSteph”. For the summer I joined with SharpieWhit and SharpieINKtern to propel Sharpie’s social media efforts. As you can see, we are the experts…just kidding! We just know a little something about social media and plus, prior to this internship we all definitely had a Facebook page!

 Go Blue!

I am a recent graduate of DePaul University (BA in Communications). DePaul is my second family. The experiences and people I have met have been amazing and DePaul has so many resources and connections. What can be a better place? While at DePaul I had the honor of running on the track team and serving as captain for the last two years. I managed to break a few records (60m,100m,200m 4X1 relay)… let’s just say, I had some fun.

 Olympic Dreams

Can I tell you a secret? Going to the Olympics has always been a dream of mine since I started running track in the seventh grade. Some of my role models are Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Florence (Flo Jo) Joyner and Allyson Felix. I’m always watching track meets on TV or YouTube. I love other sports too (Football and basketball), but track is number one.

 Stephanie Uncapped?

If I were uncapped, like we do our lovely Sharpies, what would you find? I would say track spikes, tons of food and family photos because I absolutely love my family (who doesn’t?) …well that’s all for now, enjoy my blog!

If the blog is not enough..follow me on Twitter twitter bird


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