Two words…thank you.



I have been wanting to do a post about MJ for a while now. With all of the mayhem about him in the media, I wanted to switch gears and reflect on him as a personal inspiration by doing the one thing I love, write. Thanks to Sharpie, I can attempt to reach the world like he did . So, here goes…a poem I wrote in dedication to Michael Jackson…

I’m not thanking you for your music

Although it was the best

I’m not thanking you for your work as a humanitarian

Because you serve as an example to the rest

Thank you for the inspiration

As you showed all the time

The endless


Unstoppable capabilities

Of a creative mind

Because of people like you

I am able to write this post

Representing a company such as Sharpie

Doing things many could never


Being in this atmosphere

Fostering my voice and joining with a team

This is merely the start of my dreams

But because of you


Civil rights


You endured all the abuses

Few are given such a special gift

With yours you made the world spin

If I could touch one life with my words

As you did with your music

I will always…



-Sharpie Steph



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Highlighter Queen

SharpieSusan and the other Sharpie interns already know. ..I love highlighters. They’re not the most fashionable items on the block, but next to the pens, I use them the most. I highlight everything! I think it’s a habit, not necessarily a bad one, but my planners and notebooks look like rainbows at times from all the highlighters I use.

Click this highlighter to see all the ones you can choose from!

Accent Highlighter

Currently, Sharpie is promoting their Accent Highlighters and their “Smear Guard Protection.” No smears? I don’t know about you but I’m in! The protection comes with the many accent highlighters including “Accent Highlighter Mini”, “Accent Highlighter Liquid Pen” and “Accent Highlighter Retractable.”

In this busy world, we all need a way to organize our lives… I’ve already started! Check out these pictures of my DePaul Athletics planner. Obsessed, I know.

Just one of the many ways I stay organized

Just one of the many ways I stay organized


I really liked the pink accent highlighter this week huh?

I really liked the pink accent highlighter this week huh?

-Sharpie Steph

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Track and Sharpie?

If you read in the Sharpie411 section, you would have seen that I LOVE SPORTS!!! Track in particulary since I have been running since the seventh

Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix

grade. It has made me competitive, a leader and I think it builds my character because lord knows I have not won EVERY race (I wish!).

But you know what?

I’m kind of curious to see what athletes use Sharpies when they do autographs…. I’m on a hunt to find them! Some of my favorite athletes include Allyson Felix who I met freshman year at DePaul..




Felix and I freshman year at the 2005 Mt. Sac Relays in California

Felix and I freshman year at the 2005 Mt. Sac Relays in California

-Sharpie Steph


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What a Sharpie Can Do

I like sneakers. What I also like is being unique. On the SharpieUncapped site there are tons of unique individuals who have posted links and videos showing the creative designs they have put on shoes. This beats spending tons of $. Every chance I get I try to find a deal, plus at least I know that no one else has them!


-Sharpie Steph

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INKtern Here!

Three peas in a pod

Three peas in a pod

Hey World!

Welcome to my blog! I’m one of three of Sharpie’s interns, also know as Ink-terns! I know right, cool name huh? Well lets see. This blog will be about?… hmmm… ME! and of course my experiences with Sharpie. So far, Sharpie is one of THE best places I have worked and already I have been immersed in its’ new “Sharpie Uncapped” campaign where people share stories, “How To” projects, art and other creative ways to use Sharpies. My posts and pics will hopefully give an insight on what it means to work for Sharpie. So far, I’ve never seen so many Sharpies in my life.


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