Two words…thank you.



I have been wanting to do a post about MJ for a while now. With all of the mayhem about him in the media, I wanted to switch gears and reflect on him as a personal inspiration by doing the one thing I love, write. Thanks to Sharpie, I can attempt to reach the world like he did . So, here goes…a poem I wrote in dedication to Michael Jackson…

I’m not thanking you for your music

Although it was the best

I’m not thanking you for your work as a humanitarian

Because you serve as an example to the rest

Thank you for the inspiration

As you showed all the time

The endless


Unstoppable capabilities

Of a creative mind

Because of people like you

I am able to write this post

Representing a company such as Sharpie

Doing things many could never


Being in this atmosphere

Fostering my voice and joining with a team

This is merely the start of my dreams

But because of you


Civil rights


You endured all the abuses

Few are given such a special gift

With yours you made the world spin

If I could touch one life with my words

As you did with your music

I will always…



-Sharpie Steph



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